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Tech Community Leads Africa idea was birthed late 2019 after series of issues we faced when building and managing our local tech communities and the lack of resources and tools for community builders, managers, and advocates to successfully build and manage a community.

We are a community for community builders, managers and developer advocates within and across Africa with the sole aim of increasing the rate of credible community builders and advocates, while also causing collaboration and sharing of resources among them

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In due time, we hope technological skills would be at the grassroots in Africa.

Increase the rate of credible community builders and advocates; We hope to do this with our yearly summits and quarterly workshop across Africa.

We hope to work with numerous organizations that value the tech community to raise the next community leaders and also help them reach their targeted audience with the help of these selfless community champions.

We will be creating an enabling environment for community builders, lovers, managers, and developer advocates to impact more people across Africa.

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